Image of an elderly woman smiling wearing dentures

Broken Denture

When to see an emergency dentist

  • If your denture is not fitting properly and is causing discomfort.
  • If your denture is broken.
  • If you need a new denture.

What to do if your denture breaks

  • Try to keep all the pieces together. The denture technician may be able to repair it.
  • DON'T glue the denture back together yourself, even with a "denture repair kit". You may cause more damage and make the denture irreparable.
  • Find a dentist or clinical denture technician.

Book an appointment with an emergency dentist near you.


Poorly fitting dentures – The longer you have had your dentures, the more likely it is that they don't fit properly. This can create stresses in the denture when eating which may lead to the denture breaking.

Dropping the denture – Dropping the denture on a hard surface is one of the most common reasons for dentures to break.

Emergency Treatment

Plastic Dentures – It may be possible to repair your denture by reattaching the broken pieces. Occasionally an impression is required of the patient's mouth with the denture in place in order for the technician to repair it.

Metal Dentures – It is much more difficult to repair metal dentures or add teeth onto them. Most of the time the denture will need to be remade.


The best ways to prevent your denture from breaking include:

  • If your dentures are not fitting properly, then book an appointment with your dentist or a clinical denture technician to have them assessed. They may be adjusted to fit, or you may need a new set entirely.
  • Make sure you stand over a towel or a bowl of water when removing or cleaning your dentures to prevent them from breaking if you drop them.