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What are the benefits of an Emergency Dentist?

Are you unable to get an appointment with your regular dentist, perhaps you are on holiday and not at home or maybe you aren’t registered with a dentist at all? One major benefit of Accidentist is that our network of emergency dentists in Ashton-under-Lyne are happy to see and treat any patient who requires emergency dental treatment. The simplest way to find out if there are any appointments available is by submitting your details to alert local dental practices that you require emergency dental treatment.

Do you have toothache and live near Ashton-under-Lyne?

The pain from toothache can range from intermittent sensitivity to constant severe pain, whatever the level of pain you are experiencing, we would recommend you having your teeth examined by an emergency dentist to find out what is causing the problem. We have multiple dental practices in and around Ashton-under-Lyne who have availability to treat your toothache. You can read more about toothache and what causes it by clicking here. Without having your dental problem examined and treated early, you are more likely to experience more expensive and potentially more invasive dental treatment.

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We're always looking to grow our network of dental practices. If you run a practice in Ashton-under-Lyne or the surrounding area, and want to increase the number of private patients joining, Accidentist could be a perfect fit.

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